My Thinker Thingy Has Been On Hiatus Too Long

ImageI really want to start blogging again. I have stared at my computer screen for the last three hours with no forthcoming thoughts, ideas, words, or inspiration.  The most I have come up with are a few items I need to pick up at the store. Perhaps taking an eight month break (it was an accident, I swear) was not such a good idea.  When I decided to start blogging again there were lots of words, thoughts, feelings in full battle with each other to land on my blog page in a declamatory aplomb! But alas, it looks like the battle still rages and the soldiers are in full retreat. I may have lost this battle but I am determined not to lose the war!  Stay tuned for the latest developments on the front lines…


Sometimes Love is Silent…

…I’ve been showing a lot of love.  No blog post of my own since April of 2013.  I think it’s time for love to break it’s silence.  My heart and mind are overflowing with words that need to be poured out.  Watch for upcoming posts in the New Year! Blessings to all!

Control and Boundaries

This is such a good article by April Cassidy about control and boundaries that I wanted to pass it along. I feel like we are one of two people, we have either learned these lessons or we need to learn these lessons. I am of the former. I understand God is in control and I know how to place boundaries on and around myself. I hope others enjoy. I am just beginning to read several of her blogs and find them enjoyable and a blessing. Thanks for blogging Peaceful Wife!

The Peaceful Wife

I’m going to be talking about some of the destructive aspects that often accompany the idolatry of self, or of trying to be in control oneself.  This is the first in a series of posts that will cover guilt, codependency, martyrdom and people-pleasing.

Before about 4 years ago, I was a committed Christian.  I had Bible studies every day.  I loved God!  I prayed a LOT.  I was super involved in church. But my faith was WEAK.  And I didn’t even know it.  I thought my faith was strong.  Paul talks about those with weak faith and how those who are strong must bear with the failings of the weak.  Boy, did I have a lot of failings with which to bear!  Especially for my husband.

I didn’t understand it for a long time – but I am a completely wretched sinner in desperate need of Jesus every moment.


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Zuppa Toscana Soup (Just like Olive Garden)

I was thinking about what to blog about for the last letter on our A-Z challenge when I saw a commercial for Olive Garden and inspiration struck!
I love going to Olive Garden just for their soup and salad and bread sticks. You get to eat as much soup as you like of as many varieties as they have. I’ve tried all of them but I always go back to Zuppa Toscana because of it’s rich, creamy, delicious flavor and texture. I don’t have it often because it is calorie-rich. One could make a healthier version but where’s the fun in that? It makes for such a great comfort food when you’re feeling down. I have included the original Olive Garden recipe along with a video of how to make it to give you a visual of the order of ingredients. If you have not tried this soup, you should either go to Olive Garden and enjoy a few bowls or make it at home. Olive Garden does not advertise this but you can actually order it in gallon sizes from them for around $25.00. If you enjoy cooking, It’s much more fun to have a group of friends and family over and make it for half the cost. (There are many more videos of how to make this soup in varying ways on You Tube.)

So have you had this wonderful soup or made it at home? If not, after watching this video and reading the posts do you think you will try this wonderful soup?

The Ingredients
Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana Soup Recipe

3/4 cup onions, diced
1 slice of bacon, diced
1 1/4 teaspoon garlic cloves, minced
1 ounce chicken bouillon
1 quart water
2 medium potatoes cross-cut into 1/4 inch slices
2 cups cavallo greens cross-cut into 1/16 inch strips
1 1/2 cups spicy italian sausage links, then cut at an angle into 1/2 inch slices
3/4 cup heavy whipping cream

Place sausage link onto sheet pan and bake in 300 degree oven 20 minutes, or until done.
Place onions and bacon into 3-4 quart saucepan and cook over medium heat until onions are almost clear.
Add garlic and cook an additional 1 minute.
Add chicken bouillon, water, and potatoes.
Bring to a quick boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes.
Add remaining ingredients.
Simmer for 5 more minutes, or until potatoes are cooked through.
Spoon soup into soup bowls and enjoy!

The X Factor

No, I’m not talking about the popular television talent show.  I’m talking about the  extraordinary letter of X.  This poor letter has been dreaded by most of us bloggers for the last 23 days. As we stumble, search, and scratch our heads as to what word can we blog about that starts with this obscure letter, it has been in front of us all the time.

The little X in the top right corner of our computer screens. It has been looking at us for 23 days.

The Close Button (Remember the days when the computer didn’t remind us that we closed our screen improperly and would we like to reopen? The days if we accidentally hit the X when going for the minimize button, the cry of “No” could be heard around the world.)


This got me thinking about how many others ways do we use this letter X. This letter should really be celebrated and given more credit. Here are a few other ways I have come up with that we use the letter X.

Tic Tac Toe (Oh the hours of endless enjoyment we would  have all missed without this game.)


XOXOXO Hugs and Kisses (How many love birds have penned these two letters to express their heart’s cry?)


Merry X-mas! (Not one of my favs but used frequently by many.)


The Xbox (Replaced the simple joys of Tic Tac Toe for all future generations.)


X Marks the Spot (How would we ever find buried treasure without the X?)


Cross bones are formed to make an X to show danger. (Without the X he’s just a zombie.)


Algebra (This is where X really has room to brag. Solve me if you can.)


Complete the form by putting an X in the appropriate square. (Americans and Germans are big on the X in the square while others use a check more often than not.)

46495817 (1)


Any more eXcellent ideas of the use of the wonderful letter X?

Word Diet

There is the Adkins Diet, the South Beach Diet, The Mediterranean Diet, The Plant Based Diet, The Hallelujah Diet, The Vegan Diet, and on and on and on they go.

We are so concerned about what we are putting into our mouths and the results we will reap. What if we were as concerned about what we are feeding our brains?

Some psychology books tell us we have between 50,000 and 70,000 thoughts a day. They say that 90% are repetitive.

Those thoughts come from our five senses.  Smell, touch, taste, see, and hear all bring thoughts.  Therefore, let’s think about what we are smelling, touching, tasting, seeing and hearing that cause us to put thoughts in our head.

The two I want to focus on in this blog are hearing and seeing.  If you are what you eat, then you must be what you think. Right?

Why do marketers use jingles to sell their products?  Because it gets in our head and stays there.  If I were to say the words Viagra, The Purple Pill, Pepsi, Can You Hear Me Now?, thoughts and images immediately come to your mind.

I don’t have an interest in The Purple Pill, Pepsi, or Viagra. I don’t want to fill my head with thoughts that use up good brain cells.  So far, I have made light of a few funny things we all can relate to. What about things that aren’t so funny?

Remember, some studies show that 90% of thoughts are repetitive.  Have you ever tried the rubber band test?  Wear a rubber band on your wrist and flick yourself every time you catch yourself thinking a negative thought.  This could be zeroed in on thoughts of putting yourself down for weight, not smart enough, going to fall into financial ruin, etc.. Whatever it is, you will soon see how many times a day you are thinking that thought.

There is self-talk going on constantly in your head that comes form the words you either have heard or are listening to. Many of you know those words from your past are still playing in your head today.  These thoughts can be destructive to your life. They can keep you from having confidence, succeeding, speaking up when you know you should but are afraid. A life time of negative words spoken over you, turned into negative thoughts you have played over and over again, like a bad record, stop you dead in your tracks.

Here is another test. How many times a day does the thought, “I’m just an agelast”, come to mind?  Never, I’m sure.  This is because most people never use this word or have never heard it spoken.  It means a person who never laughs.  You never think it because you never heard it.  If you meditate on that last sentence long enough, I wouldn’t even need to continue writing.

Now that we have a firm foundation, how can we make sure we are devoting as much time to exercise and diet for our minds as we are to our bodies?  We start by going on “The Word Diet”.  With food diets there is only one way that food is going in, but with The Word Diet you have five ways, your senses.  Let me be clear, I am not talking about denying the existence of what is happening in the world. I am not talking about living in la la land and being oblivious to the world around you. With that said…

Eyes: Limit the amount of time we let our eyes watch negativity. Turn the t.v. off.  We only need to hear one time that something bad has happened. We don’t need to watch it on every channel for the next week hearing it over and over again from every possible angle.  Stop watching the sit-coms or t.v. shows that imitate life like the crime solving shows, or ones that are filled with other people’s problems like reality t.v. and talk shows. I don’t watch vampire or zombie t.v. series. What would happen if I did?  I can give you several examples of what happens to otherwise bright minds. I will share one.  I had a conversation with someone not to long ago that is obsessed with the whole zombie series.  Now this person is intelligent in every sense of the word but the words and images from this series have so taken over their thought life that they have turned into a non-thinking, zombie believing nut case.  It is just amazing to me how people don’t realize that what they spend most of their time listening to and watching is feeding their brain. Just like bad carbohydrates, they begin to crave more and more until they become sluggish and dull in their senses.  So this person now believes we will be attacked by zombies and truly believes there is going to be a Zombie Apocalypse.  They feed on these shows. The can’t get enough. They talk about it with their friends. They think on it when they lie in bed at night. Getting the picture?

Why is it that so many young people are going on shooting rampages and then shooting themselves?  This isn’t new and it isn’t just young people.  It is just more televised now.  Nine times out of ten if they live to talk about it you will hear them say they heard voices in their head telling them to do it.  We must balance out the news reports with putting in more positive words than negative. We need to know what our kids are listening to. We need to be involved in their lives. We need to raise them to understand their mind is a battlefield. Teach ourselves and our young people to be secure and self confident and to focus on what is good and how to turn negatives to positives.

Let’s focus on the good that will come out of a bad situation. Let’s focus on how to help the ones that are hurt.  Let’s focus our thoughts on how to make things better. When we hear bad news and the negative thoughts come, train yourself to replace them or put a spin on them to think about the positive.

Ears: Of course t.v. has an affect on our eyes and ears. However, ears take in so much more negativity than the eyes. You should not allow your ears to be used as someone else’s trash can.  I don’t let others dump their garbage in my ears.   Gossip is the worst. He said, she said. They did this to me and I don’t think…blah, blah, blah.  If you are really interested in working through it, finding forgiveness for yourself and the person that supposedly wronged you I will help you. If you are just spreading your view of someone to find validation for yourself,  go somewhere else.  What happens when someone fills your head with negative comments about someone you may know or are about to meet? The next time you see that person or meet them for the first time, the very first thoughts you have are those your friend gave you of this person. You can not help but be influenced by those words even if you had only good thoughts about this person prior to your ears getting the down low from the offended party. That is unless you  stop the person from filling your head with their venom.  If you have a complainer in your life, you need to have a guard on your mind.  Remember, word diet. Do not allow their complaining to get in your head.  I stopped a co-worker in dead sentence once over our lunch break. She was going on and on about everything that could possibly be wrong with her life, the world, the universe and beyond. I simply injected, “Tell me something good that has happened, Sue. (not real name) She was completely dumbfounded and sad to say, could not come up with anything positive.  She had allowed her 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day to be focused on the negative and they repeated over and over again in her head until there were no positive ones left.

As stated above, we see how dangerous it is to listen to the negative voices in your head. Letls look at some other ways it can impact you.  Have you noticed how many commercials there are about cancer, allergy suffers, every medical condition the pharmaceutical companies can put on the airways? They do this so you will buy their products. Do you have problems sleeping? Are you run down, tired? Do you cry all the time? Do you have back pain, sneezing, twitching eyes, stomach ache, leg cramps, sore joints, hair loss, rash, irritating cough, etc.,? Why yes, yes I do. Then you must have an endless list of ailments that they have an answer for.  Did you catch it? You said yes, I do have stiff joints, I do have a cough.  Maybe I do have cancer, heart disease, diabetes.  And there go the negative words playing in your head over and over again. Being reaffirmed each time you listen to one of those commercials.  The next thing you know you are running to the doctor for every ache and pain and they are loading you up with every drug the pharmaceutical company can invent. Then after taking these cure all pills for awhile, you start listening to the the lawyer commercials. Have you used aspartame, had a mesh screen implanted, are you suffering from headache, back pain, cough, etc.,  (not actual commercials for these particular items) you may be entitled to millions because these items are  killing you. Now you start thinking I have been taking that, I do have the things they are saying. I need to be compensated. Then you set off to sue someone to collect your millions.

You could save yourself, your family, the tax payers, so much money and heartache if you just go on The Word Diet. Stop thinking on financial ruin, sickness, if your cat is going to get rabies from the raccoons running around at night.

Exercise is key to this diet’s success. Start with 12,000 reps a day of the following. Increase as you fill your mind strengthened. This is small in compassion to the number of thoughts we have per day. Do more reps if you can handle it.

1. Limit the number of negative words going in. Garbage in, garbage out. Refuse to over think on a high-negativity Word Diet.  Enjoy a low-negativity, high-positivity lifestyle.

2.  Think on things that are good for you and others.

3.  View more things that would bring good and positive change to the world and your reality…do you really want to be a zombie or get eaten by one?

4.  Listen to things that bring joy to the ears and “just say no” to the dung dealers trying to do a drop-off in your brain.

You will feel better, your step will be lighter, the sky will be bluer, and the birds will sound sweeter.

I offer this to you today free of charge. This offer is worry-free. Take advantage today before your brain is taken over by zombie invading, pharacutical packing, gossip slinging, self-deprecatingly  thoughts. Supply of the Word Diet is unlimited.

Disclaimer: Actual results will vary. The person portrayed in this story is not average.  It is only after years of dedication to a steady Word Diet of thinking on good and pure thoughts and cutting out harmful, mean, negative thoughts have such high results been achieved.